Through my choices and actions, I have learned the most effective way of speaking to God is without saying a word.

By Steve Maraboli

[Happiness is] a ghost, it’s a shadow. You can’t really chase it. It’s a by-product, a very pleasant side effect to a life lived well.

By Eric Weiner

7 Effective Ways to Make Others Feel Important

By Roy T. Bennett

Whenever someone is a threat to the enemy there will be an attack dispatched against that person to try to minimise their effectiveness.

By Patience Johnson

It is the effect of marriage to engender in several directions some of the reserve it annihilates in one.

By Thomas Hardy

Time utilization and effectiveness is a major marker for success

By Sunday Adelaja

Begging destroys Effectiveness and Increases Low Self-Esteem, So Quit Begging.

By Jaachynma N.E. Agu

If you can successfully convert your time effectively, you will become unstoppable and your success will amaze the world

By Sunday Adelaja

Success is a game which we measure not by the intentions of our opponents, but by the effects of their play.

By Mapogo Chuene

The first step is the most important. It is the most crucial and the most effective as it will initiate the direction you have chosen.

By Steve Backley

Do the things you were sent here to do effectively.

By Agu, Jaachynma N.E.

Don't worry about being effective. Just concentrate on being faithful to the truth.

By Dorothy Day

Boredom and ineffective attempts to escape tedium are the perpetual lot of humankind.

By Kilroy J. Oldster

Why the law of our forefathers are brought to nought, and the written covenants come to none effect-

By Compton Gage

Very few people have that effect. Very few people are tequila and champagne at the same time.

By Fredrik Backman