Go without the latest iPhone, explore the world and discover...

By El Fuego

And then after that long, long phone call, she wept.

By Makoto Shinkai

She understood how a world jammed with phones, email, and faxes could still leave you feeling utterly alone.

By Jodi Picoult

The girl told me that her mobile phone had proposed to her when it gave her a ring.

By Anthony T.Hincks

Your volume speaks volumes. Be aware of your dynamics, your tones as well as the loudness and softness of your voice on the phone and in person.

By Loren Weisman

Whenever I feel sad, I just take out my phone and listen to her laughter recorded in my online messenger.

By Avijeet Das

The phone rang. Softly, in actuality, yet it seemed loud and ominous, as phones do at night in dark hotel rooms.

By Jim Thompson

all those nights with the phone warming the side of my face like the sun.

By Warsan Shire

Our lips met hungrily, and his clever artistic hands wrapped around my hips. A sudden buzz from my regular cell phone startled me from the kissing.

By Richelle Mead

Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil

By Eminem

Texting is not talking and a phone is not a friend.

By Amit Kalantri

And over the phone he could hear the ten legged insect already scrabbling across the keyboard!

By Jo Nesbø