how much he loved being alone except when he didn't, except when it got to be too much?

By Elizabeth Graver

My fear of loneliness is like a disease.

By Irene Tomkinson

Loneliness is a crowded room

By Bryan Ferry

At times I feel like a socket that remembers its tooth.

By Saul Bellow

A woman's voice answered, "Hello?"

By Ray Bradbury

I feel there's a funny little hole in me that wasn't there before, like a splinter in your finger, but this is somewhere above my stomach.

By Louise Fitzhugh

The abundance of small things, it'll bury you.

By Alden Bell

Loneliness can make you feel that you have a kingdom in darkness.


Hey, Hank, I notice all the women around your place lately ... good looking stuff; you're doing all right."

By Charles Bukowski

We expect more from technology and less from each other.

By Sherry Turkle

...real loneliness is having no one to miss. Think yourself lucky you've known something worth missing.

By Emma Donoghue

When we learn to speak, we learn to translate.

By Octavio Paz

I had gotten so used to being alone, but never entirely used to it. Never used to it enough to stop wanting the alternative.

By David Levithan

I invented adventures for myself and made up a life, so as at least to live in some way.

By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

So remember those who win the game

By Janis Ian