And I feel like a real Dad when I read to her at night. She won't sleep without one story, at least.

By Steven Herrick

Because when the night gets here, I’ll be the youngest I’ll ever be again, so I will laugh and celebrate relative youth.

By Darnell Lamont Walker

Through the night we drove in a tangle of waking and sleeping, nightmares from hell and holy white dreams.

By Glenda Millard

It was a good apple too. A good apple, picked by a madman on a full moon night.

By Steven Herrick

... going out late at night and laying in the dewy field and reading a Kurt Vonnegut book by moonlight.

By John Green

Anyone and anything can survive the daylight. It's night that's the hardest to live.

By Darnell Lamont Walker

Darling," he said distractedly,"about the moon..."

By Julia Quinn

War is like night, she said. It covers everything.

By Elie Wiesel

I am the eye that beholds... And I am the dreamer that paints the stars in the night sky... For I am the one they call artist, and you call Love.

By Solange nicole

He rolled his eyes and took my hand. His hand was hard and calloused, tough with muscle and old scars.

By James Patterson

The worst things always happen at night, and oftener than one would think on stormy nights. ("The Compensation House")

By Charles Collins

Then without any warning the car stopped. They were there.

By Cornell Woolrich

Three o'clock in the morning.

By Cornell Woolrich

Stay home and the crooks win. They get the night, by default and concession, the night which should rightly belong to all of us.

By Claire Cross

When you paint late at night, drinking beer or wine or both, you gotta be very careful to watch what you are doing...

By Hiroko Sakai